Drug Information Fulltext (DIF)


Drug Information Fulltext (DIF), an online interactive database, includes the full text of approximately 2,000 generic monographs on drugs available in the United States. These comprehensive and authoritative monographs represent most of the trade names of U.S. marketed drugs and include over 87,000 references; some abbreviated monographs on investigational injectable drugs are also included.

DIF is the enhanced version of two print publications, the American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information, (AHFS DI) and the Handbook on Injectable Drugs (HID).

These publications were computerized in 1983, and DIF became a database in 1984. DIF premiered on DIALOG (now ProQuest DIALOG) in April 1984 as File 229 and in Knowledge Index (a DIALOG service) as File MEDI8 in September 1984. In October 1984, it became available in all Bibliographic Retrieval Services (BRS; now OvidSP by WoltersKluwer) offerings (After Dark, Colleague, and later in BRKTHRU) as File DIFT. Access to DIF extended to the new Mead Data Central’s MEDIS Service as PHARM in July 1985.