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AHFS Patient Medication Information Update – August 2016

The August update to the AHFS Patient Medication Information (PMI) database has been published. Highlights of the update include:

New PMI Monographs:

  • Obeticholic Acid (Ocaliva®)
    • Obeticholic acid is used alone or in combination with ursodiol (Actigall, Urso) to treat primary biliary cholangitis (PBC; a type of liver disease that destroys bile ducts, which allows bile to stay in the liver and cause damage) in patients who cannot take ursodiol or in patients who were not treated successfully with ursodiol alone.
  • Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir (Epclusa®)
    • The combination of sofosbuvir and velpatasvir is used alone or with ribavirin (Copegus, Rebetol, Ribasphere) to treat chronic hepatitis C (an ongoing viral infection that damages the liver).
  • Atezolizumab Injection (Tecentriq®)
    • Atezolizumab injection is used to treat urothelial cancer (cancer of the lining of the bladder and other parts of the urinary tract) that has spread and cannot be removed by surgery, and has worsened after treatment with other chemotherapy medications.
  • Daclizumab Injection (Zinbryta®)
    • Daclizumab is used to prevent episodes of symptoms and slow the worsening of disability in people who have relapsing-remitting forms (course of disease where symptoms flare up from time to time) of multiple sclerosis (MS ; a disease in which the nerves do not function properly and people may experience weakness, numbness, loss of muscle coordination, and problems with vision, speech, and bladder control).

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