AHFS Clinical Drug Information


The new AHFS® Clinical Drug Information™ is your comprehensive, interactive treatment and drug therapy solution.

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You make critical treatment and drug therapy recommendations every day. Expediency and accessibility are essential. Now, you can quickly navigate to the information you need to reinforce your position as a trusted member of the care team.

  • Real-time drug and safety updates, including quick access to current drug shortages information
  • Quick clinical window – fast access to the most comprehensive, evidence-based drug information
  • Google cloud-based database with responsive design that scales to desktop and mobile web browsers, in addition to iOS and Android apps
  • Ability to create a user-specific favorite drugs list and add notes
  • Direct links to more than 56,000 sources of supporting evidence
  • In-depth, unbiased coverage of off-label uses
  • Seamlessly incorporated FDA safety data
  • Supported by 89,000 references, including published research, therapeutic guidelines, and prescribing information
  • Designated official US compendium

Optimize your time and advance care with AHFS Clinical Drug Information.

Individual pricing starts as low as $12 per month for members and $17 per month for non-members.

Institutional trials are available. Contact us for pricing information.